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Local Organisers for Verona Conference
Local organisers for the ESBB conference included Rita Lawlor and Aldo Scarpa of ARC-NET and the University of Verona.
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Programme Committee for Verona Conference
The Programme Committee included:
  • Pasquale De Blasio (Chair)
  • Hans-Peter Deigner
  • Rita Lawlor
  • Dominik Lermen
  • Daniel Simeon-Dubach
  • Paul Bartels
  • Barbara Parodi (BBMRI-IT representative)
  • Meral Ozguc
  • Peter Riegman
  • Karen Meir
  • Manuel Morente
  • Lisa Miranda
  • Erik Steinfelder
  • Jackie Mackenzie-Dodds
  • Aldo Scarpa
  • Dominic Allen
  • Peter Doran
Conference Overview
ESBB’s 2013 Annual Conference took place in Verona, Italy from the 8th to the 11th October. ESBB collaborated with the Italian node of BBMRI which held its launch or “kick-off” meeting the day before the main conference. This was the third ESBB annual conference following on from conferences in Marseille (2011) and Granada (2012).

The conference venue was the Palazzo della Gran Guardia, an impressive building that dates from 1610 and originally served as the headquarters of the city guard. The building is now used as a conference centre and gallery. The Gran Guardia has an auditorium that seats 680 people. The conference exhibition and posters will be in the Loggia (926m2) and the Sala Buvette (390m2). The Gran Guardia is situated on the south side of Piazza Bra and faces the Roman Arena.

The conference theme was “Biobanking for the Future” and it offered a wide variety of content from across the biobanking spectrum. Sessions included: Global Biobanking, Ancient DNA, Biobanking for Personalised Medicine, Biobanking for Conservation, Sustainability of Biobanks and the Financial Crisis, and Innovative Biobanking.

New features included interactive sessions in which audience participation was facilitated by an electronic voting system. Topics for these interactive sessions included: “The Life in Data” and “Everything Your Wanted to Know About Collaborating With Industry … But Were Afraid To Ask” and “Harmony for Conservation”. Another new feature was the first ESBB training course entitled “The Pathology of Biobanking” which was presented by ESBB and the local organizers.

Another very important new feature was the Research Biobank of the Year Competition which was held for the first time at the Verona conference.

Congratulations to the Photo Competition Winners!

First Prize to: Verónica Valdivieso Gómez
First Prize
2nd Equal Prize to: Ingo Kühl
2nd Equal Prize to: Carita Björkman
Conference Statistics

517 Registrants

52 Exhibitors

1 Platinum Sponsor

3 Gold Sponsors

12 Silver Sponsors

151 Posters

Highlighted Poster

The CNESPS Biobank: a population based resource for epidemiological research in Italy

S Giampaoli, MA Stazi, E Scafato,  L Nisticò, L Palmieri, C Donfrancesco, MC Rota, V Toccaceli, C Lo Noce, L Galluzzo, R Scipione

Istituto Superiore di Sanità, National Centre of  Epidemiology, Surveillance, Health Promotion, via Giano della Bella 34, 00162 Rome, Italy

Presentations to Download

Kurt Zatloukal: An Update On The BBMRI-ERIC Project

Anne-Marie Tasse: The Challenge Of Optimising The Use Of Already Existing Resources

Akim Abayomi: Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa)

Renato Constantini: The Value Of Ancient DNA Studies In Biomedical Research

Gino Fornaciari: Ancient Remnants: Biomolecules In Paleopathology

Isabel Rey: Nonhuman Ancient DNA Extraction And Conservation In Natural History Museums: Study Of 1500 Years Old Camelids

Mercedes Gonzalez-Ruiz: Consolidation And Integration Of The Ancient DNA Collection In To The IDIBAPS-Biobank

Sergey Suchkov: PPPM Today: Fundamental Background And Genuine Achievements As An Invitation For Tomorrow

Meral Ozguc: Genetic Testing, Rare Diseases And Biobanking

Nicola Normanno: Personalized Medicine For Cancer Diagnostics

Evert-Ben van Veen: Genetic Tests, Ethics And The Challenges Of Health Care Systems

Francisco De Luna: Clues For Cost Analysis In Hospital Based Biobanks

Daniel Simeon Dubach: Biobanking 3.0: Customer Oriented Biobanking And Thus Long-Term Sustainable Biobanking

Akim Abayomi: Introducing Centralised Biobanking In Africa, Governance, Sustainability and Community uptake

Yehudit Cohen: Biobanking On Shoestring Budgets

Martin Hrabé de Angelis: The European Mouse Mutant Archive - Cryopreservation Of Genetic Diversity For The Investigation Of Human Related Diseases

Frank Emmrich: Biobanking And Therapeutic Application Of Stem Cells

Ida Biunno: Human iPS Stem Cell Banking

Andrew Brooks: Advances In Sample Bioprocessing Methods And Technologies: Importance Of Standardization


Conference Photos

See Gallery Section

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Election Results

The ESBB election results are as follows: Hans-Peter Deigner is the new ESBB President-Elect, and he will take on the role of ESBB President in November 2014.

Jackie Mackenzie-Dodds, Jeanne-Hélène di Donato and Akin Abayomi are the three new Councilors and they will all serve on the Executive Committee for a period of 3 years.

Erik Steinfelder has been elected as the new chairman of the Vendor Committee, to serve for a period of 3 years.

For more information see About Us on the main ESBB website.

Research Biobank
of the Year Award
The winner of the 2013 Research Biobank of the Year Award is the HUNT Biobank, Norway. Runners-up are the Nottingham Health Science Biobank, UK and the Biobank of Munich University Medical Centre and medical faculty of LMU Munich o.b. HTCR

For full information see page on RBYC 2013

See photos in the Gallery Section
Poster Prizes
Biobank Management Section: Boris Calmels, Claire Fontenille, and Régis Peffault de Latour

Biospecimen Research Section: Rita T. Lawlor, Dea Filippini , Nicola Sperandio, Nadia Mori, Vincenza Favuzzi, Irene Dalai, Aldo Scarpa 

Education & Standards Section:
Martin Barr, Lina Souan, Peadar MacGabhann, Jeanette Müller, Maxim Ashhab, Sallam Alhassoon, Uwe Kuhn, Daniela Infante, Mohammed Mustafa, Khetam Mahmoud, Kathy Gately, Denise Lawlor, Kenneth O’Byrne, Maher A. Sughayer

ELSI Section:
Tanja Macheiner, Sebastian Fuchs, Michaela Bayer, Karine Sargsyan, Berthold Huppertz

New Technology Section:
Carita Björkman, Gunnel Tybring, Mark Divers, James Thompson

Resource Development Section:
Celine Schelcher, Serene M.L. Lee, Stefanie Schreiber, Wolfgang E. Thasler

To see the prize-winning posters,
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