Schedule of Main Events

Session 1. Next steps in biobank networking and harmonisation
Speakers: Kurt Zatloukal, Jan-Eric Litton, Georges Dagher, Jeanne-Hélène di Donato, and Mylène Deschênes

Session 2. Biobank networking in Africa and the Middle East
Speakers: Hagen von Briesen, Muntaser E. Ibrahin, Khalid Siddiqui, Karen Meir, and Paul Bartels

Session 3. Challenges and opportunities in the provision of biospecimens for clinical trials
Speakers: Christian Bréchot, Peter Doran, Hans-Peter Deigner, Hartmut Juhl, and Philippe Van der Hofstadt

Session 4. Challenges and opportunities for museum biobanks & environmental specimen banks
Speakers: Ole Seburg, Jackie Mackenzie-Dodds, Jan Koschorreck, Olivier F. X. Donard, and Heinz Ruedel

Poster discussion session
30 mini-presentations in rapid succession

Session 5. Biobanking economics: how to justify and maintain long-term funding
Speakers: Jim Vaught, Laurence Mabile and Marc Reymond

Working groups: session 1
An introduction to existing ISBER working groups

Session 6. Ethical, legal and social issues presented by the advent of personalised medicine
Speakers: Herbert Gottweiss, Marianna Bledsoe, Elena Salvaterra, Filippo Franchini, and Simone Sommer

Session 7. Networking of veterinary biobanks
Speakers: Maura Ferrari, Ingrid Walter, Tomasz Stadejek, and Michał Fabisiak

Society forum
Find out about ESBB and what is in store for the future!

Session 8. Integrating research biobanking with the provision of healthcare services
Speakers: Michael Christman, Christian Chabannon, Peter Riegman, Rivka Ravid, and Roger Bjugn

Session 9. Museum biobanking and quality assurance/control: contributed papers
Speakers: Dominik Lermen, Rhiannon Lloyd, Sophie Visvikis Siest, Francesca Poloni

Working groups: session 2
An opportunity to join existing working groups, and to form new ones

Session 10. Novel technologies: contributed papers
Speakers: Rolf Muller, Anne-Lise Fabre, Jorge de Dios, Steve Picton, Simon Sheard, Jose Antonio Lopez-Guerrero

Session 11. Biobanks & biobank networks: contributed papers
Speakers: Elke Smits, Ann Cooreman, Michiel Verlinden, Frans van der Horst, Mª Angeles Muñoz Fernandez, Marie Zins

Special Session on Controversies in Biobanking: "The Bio-PIN Concept"
Speaker: JJ Nietfeld

Session 12. Scientific and technological advances that are helping to measure and to maximise sample quality
Speakers: Uwe Oelmueller, Fiorella Guadagni, Paul Hofman and Fay Betsou

Satellite Meetings

BioSHaRE Meeting: All day on Tuesday 15th

Cancéropôle Meeting: Afternoon on Tuesday 15th and the morning of Wednesday 16th

Marble Arch Meeting: All day on Tuesday 15th and the morning of Wednesday 16th. Meetings in Salon Provence. Tuesday lunch in Borely 6.

Marble Arch Dinner: 08:00pm on Tuesday 15th. Restaurant La Villa, rue Mermoz, 13008 Marseille, France

FIBO Meeting: The morning of Wednesday 16th. Salon Panoramique.

ESBB Meetings & Events

ESBB Executive Committee Meeting: The morning of Wednesday 16th. Meeting in Salon Planier. Lunch in Salon Talabot.

Bio Editorial Board Lunch: 01:00pm Thursday 17th. Salon Talabot.

ESBB Committees Dinner: 08:00pm Thurs 17th. Restaurant Le Rhul, 269, corniche Kennedy, 13007 Marseille. Restaurant specialty: La Bouillabaisse!

Conference Exhibitors Breakfast Meeting: 08:00 - 09:00am on Friday 18th

Conference Gala Dinner: 08:00pm Friday 18th. Restaurant La Nautique, 20 Quai de Rive Neuve, Vieux-Port, 13007 Marseille

Programme Committee Breakfast Meeting: 08:00 - 09:00am on Saturday 19th

Social Event: Wine tasting at the Cassis Vineyards on Saturday afternoon

General Programme Information

Wednesday 16th
There will be two plenary sessions in the afternoon. These will be held in the main auditorium. They will be followed by a cocktail reception in the evening

Thursday 17th
The morning starts with concurrent sessions in the main auditorium and the Borely 3 satellite meeting room. After refreshments and viewing of posters and exhibits, there will be the first meeting for working groups, where delegates will be informed about existing ISBER working groups. This will be followed by lunch and another plenary session. The programme ends on this day with the poster discussion session, which will involve a series of 4 minute presentations, on a total of 30 posters.

Friday 18th
The morning starts again with concurrent sessions in the main auditorium and the Borely 3 satellite meeting room. A poster viewing session will follow. Please note that poster presenters are asked to stand beside their posters during the poster viewing sessions on Friday (11:00-12:00nn and 4:00-5:00pm) to faciliate discussion. There will be a Society Forum before lunch on Friday, which is an opportunity to learn about ESBB and to discuss the future of the society. In the afternoon there will be two sets of concurrent sessions in the main auditorium and the Borely 3 satellite meeting room. The Gala Dinner will be held in the evening.

Saturday 19th
The first main session is a special plenary session on the Bio-PIN Concept starting at 09:00am. This is followed by the second working group session, and this will provide ESBB members with the chance to join existing ISBER working groups, and also to form new ESBB working groups to address problems that are specific to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The final session is a plenary session from 12:00nn to 01:30pm. After lunch there will be an optional social event: Wine tasting at the Cassis Vineyards.



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