Conference Overview

Conference venue: Pullman Palm Beach Hotel.

Conference theme: “Identifying the challenges and the opportunities for biorepositories today and in the next 5 years”.

The conference identified the major challenges and opportunities in biobanking in order to guide future activities of the society. This will influence the choice of ESBB working group activities, the topics of future meetings, the content of training courses and strategies taken by ESBB to advance the biobanking field.

The overall range of issues considered was wide, extending from the sample donor to the repository to the generation of research results. The meeting catered to all parties interested in biobanking from both human and non-human biobanks, with particular emphasis on issues relevant for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, since this is the geographic scope of ESBB.

Next Conference: Granada, Spain!

Next year's ESBB Conference will be a joint conference with the Spanish National Biobank Network.

It will take place in Granada, Spain.

Dates: 7th - 10th November 2012

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We would like to thank local sponsors of the ESBB Inaugural Conference for their generous support. These include: Cancéropôle Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur (Cancéropôle PACA), the University of Aix-Marseille, local and regional authorities, including the City of Marseilles, the “Conseil Général 13” and the PACA Regional Authority (Conseil Régional PACA). We are particularly grateful to Professor Christian Chabannon and Isabelle Rey-Correard of Cancéropôle PACA, whose strong support made this conference possible.

Thank you to our Gold Sponsors:

  • Sysmex
  • Cryo Bio Systems
  • MVE Chart

Thank you also to our Silver Sponsors:

  • Hamilton
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Titian Software
  • Vitrosoft
  • Illumina
  • Brooks Life Science Systems
Members of the ESBB Programme Committee deserve special thanks, especially members who took on the extra responsibilities of judging abstracts and posters, together with chairing sessions. These members include Peter Doran, Rita Lawlor, Paul Hofman, Elena Salvaterra, Hans-Peter Deigner, Ole Seberg and Jan Koschorreck.

Finally we would like to thank Etienne Jarry and Philippe Halaburda of Com & Co, Marseille, for the excellent conference management services that they provided.

Highlighted Talk


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Conference Materials
Please see below for the latest information on conference materials available online.

Videos of session 3 and of general conference activity are now available on ESBB Members website


Attendee List
The Attendee List with contact information (excluding email and telephone number) is now available on the password-protected members-only website
Slide Presentations

So far, a number of speakers have agreed to make their slide presentations available on this public website - see Talks page. These include:

  • Christian Bréchot
  • Jan-Eric Litton
  • Michael Christman
  • Jim Vaught
  • JJ Nietfeld
  • Hartmut Juhl
  • Philippe Van der Hofstadt
  • Jeanne-Hélène di Donato
  • Jackie Mackenzie-Dodds
  • Heinz Ruedel
  • Maura Ferrari
  • Tomasz Stadejek
  • Sophie Visvikis-Siest
  • Ann Cooreman
  • Michiel Verlinden
  • Maria Angeles Munoz Fernandez
  • Johann van Niekerk
  • Anne-Lise Fabre
  • Filippo Franchini
  • Laurence Mabile & Anne Cambon-Thomsen

Other speakers have given permission for their presentations to be made available on the members-only website. These include:

  • Peter Doran
  • Fay Betsou
  • Hans-Peter Deigner
  • Peter Riegman
  • Khalid Siddiqui
  • Karen Meir
  • Elena Salvaterra
  • Ingrid Walter
  • Roger Bjugn
  • Rhiannon Lloyd
  • Anthony Green
  • Elke Smits
  • Fay Betsou and Olga Kofanova
  • Jose Antonio Lopez-Guerrero

Please note that some presentations are larger that 5MB and so may take several minutes to download.

Still Photos
About 100 photos taken by the conference photographer can now be downloaded at full resolution from this website - see Gallery page
Prize Winning Posters

Photos of prize-winning posters can now be downloaded from this website - see Prizes page