Programme Overview

The conference will feature invited speakers and contributed papers in sessions 1 - 8.

Exhibitor booths and posters will be available for viewing throughout most of the conference.

The Society Forum will take place at 16:00 on Wednesday, at which various awards will be given and society business and news will be discussed. All conference attendees are encouraged to attend.

The Research Biobank of the Year Competition (RBYC) continues this year after last year's success. After lunch on Thursday, shortlisted candidates will present their biobanks and the audience will be asked to choose the winner.

A wide variety of events will take place in the late afternoons, throughout the conference:

(1) Poster Discussion session on Wednesday when presenters will be asked to stand beside their posters during specified 30 minute periods.

(2) Working Group meetings on Wednesday and Thursday.

(3) Tour of the LIFE Cohort Study Centre and Biobank on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Satellite meetings will include a Training Course in Tissue Microarrays on Tuesday afternoon the Marble Arch Working Group meeting, to be held either on Tuesday or Saturday. Details on this will follow.

The social programme will include an opening Cocktail Reception, the Gala Dinner on Thursday, then City Tours and an Organ Concert on Friday.


Tuesday 21st October

14:00. Training Course on Tissue Microarrays and Quantitative Digital Pathology. Topics covered include planning a biomarker research project using TMAs, diagnostic use of TMAs and quantitative digital pathology analysis. Includes a hands-on session to make your own TMA and analyse your slides (bring your own blocks and slides). Organised by Pasquale De Blasio. Course fee of 50 Euros. To download information brochure, click here
14:00. Tour of LIFE Cohort Study Centre and Biobank
15:30 - 17:30. Practical Course on Biobank Access and Sample Exchange Platforms: Featuring CRIP p-BioSPRE (see demonstrator) and the EurocanPlatform. Organised by Christina Schroeder and Peter Riegman. No additional charge for conference registrants.

Wednesday 22nd October

08:00. Registration
09:00. Opening Speeches
09:30. Session 1. Cryobiotechnology
- Prof Heiko Zimmerman, Fraunhofer IBMT, Germany. "Integrated Biobanking – Technologies:  Improved methods and procedures for pluripotent stem cell preseservation, storage stability and validation".
- Prof Joachim Thiery, Univ. Leipzig, Germany. "Requirements for diagnostic cryobiobanking: experiences of the LIFE-study".
10:30. Refreshments
11:00. Session 2A. Cryobiology & Biospecimen Research
- Dr Olga Kofanova, IBBL, Luxembourg. "Cryobiology and Biospecimen Research: the science of evidence-based biobanking".
- Dr Alison Hubel, Univ. Minnesota, USA. "The bleeding edge:  emerging issues and opportunities in both biospecimen science and cryopreservation".
- Prof Jens Habermann, University of Lübeck, Germany. "The impact of pre-analytical conditions on the serum proteome: heat-stabilization versus nitrogen storage, -80°C versus -170°C storage and thaw-cycle changes"
- Dr Peter Findeisen, University of Heidelberg, Germany. "Decay marker for quality control of plasma- and serum- specimens".

11:00. Session 2B. Short talks selected from submitted abstracts. Topics: ELSI and Education. Presentations by:
- Ayat Salman
- Michiel Verlinden
- Nahla Afifi
- Karine Sargsyan
- Marie-Noëlle Ungeheuer
- Elena Salvaterra
- Caius Solovan
- Emma Snapes
- Karine Sargsyan

12:30. Lunch
14:00. Session 3A. Environmental Specimen Banks for the 21st century
- Dr Marike Kolossa-Gehring, Federal Environment Agency of Germany. "The German Environmental Specimen Bank - Human exposure to emerging chemicals and their regulation". 
- Dr Helle Margrete Meltzer, Norwegian Institute of Public Health. "Human environmental biomonitoring in Norway – status and future perspectives".
- Prof Ingvar Bergdal, Umeå Univ., Sweden. "Time is on our side - On the potential of biobank cohorts in environmental health studies".
14:00. Session 3B. Biobanking for Regenerative Medicine
- Mr Aidan Courtney, CEO Roslin Cells Limited, Edinburgh, UK. "Similarities and differences in approach between generating induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for clinical use and for large scale research use".
- Dr Zameel Cader, Director of StemBANCC, Oxford. “Organizing stem cell biobanking”.
- Dr Maik Freidrich, Fraunhofer IZI Leipzig. “RIBOLUTION – clinically related biobanking for a large RNA biomarker screening project”
- Dr Christina Schröder, Fraunhofer IZI-BB, Potsdam “The CRIP Concept and Toolbox: Metabiobanks for Regenerative Medicine?”.
15:30. Refreshments
16:00. Society Forum
- Society business, news and presentation of various awards. All conference attendees are encouraged to attend.

17:00. Poster Discussion Session
- Presenters stand beside their posters as follows:
- 17:00 - 17:30 Biospecimen Research (BR) posters
- 17:30 - 18:00 ELSI, Education & Standards (ES) and Management (MG) posters
- 18:00 - 18:30 Information Technology (IT) and New Technology (NT) posters
- 18:30 - 19:00 Organisational Profiles (OP) posters

19:00. Welcome Reception

Programme Grid Diagram


Thursday 23rd October

08:30. Session 4A. Education & training for the next generation of biobankers.
- Prof Emmanuelle Gormally, Univ. Catholique de Lyon, France. "A master in Biobank Management: a joint program between the Catholic University of Lyon and the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (France)".
- Dr Jim Vaught, Editor in Chief, Biopreservation & Biobanking, MD, USA. "Education and biobanking as a career path"
- Dr Fay Betsou, IBBL, Luxembourg. "Biobanking Training in Europe".
- Dr Alex Bulla, Univ. de Genève, Switzerland. " How training helped me build my biobank".
- Dr Manuel Morente, CNIO, Spain. " University of Valencia: a one year biobanking masters".

08:30. Session 4B. Short talks selected from submitted abstracts. Topics: Advanced Technologies, Organisational Profiles. Presentations by:
- Purificación Catalina
- Philipp Schatz
- Claire Fontenille
- Joakim Galli
- György Marko-Varga
- Pasquale De Blasio
- Ida Biunno
- Rolf Muller
- Rolf Muller
- Berthold Huppertz
- Michael Neumann
- Gita Mistry
- Ronny Baber

10:30. Refreshments
11:00. Session 5A. ELSI and the respect for donor rights.
- Dr Marc Stauch, University of Hannover, Germany. "Informed Consent Issues in Biobanking".
- Dr Paul Ndebele, Medical Research Council, Zimbabwe. "Just biobanking in international research collaborations; considering the perspectives of limited resource countries".
- Dr Luciana Caenazzo, Univ. Padua, Italy. " Residual biological material for research biobanks: some ethical aspects".
- Dr Anne-Marie Tassé, P3G, Canada. "The P3G-IPAC: Building an International ELSI Interoperability Platform".
11:00. Session 5B. Sample preservation requirements for metabolic and proteomic analysis.
- Dr Uta Ceglarek, Univ. Leipzig, Germany. "Metabolomic investigations to short- and long term stability of human plasma and serum".
- Dr Alexander Leichtle, Inselspital Bern, Switzerland. "Preanalytical aspects of non-targeted metabolomic and proteomic investigations in human body fluids".
- Dr William Mathieson, IBBL, Luxembourg. "Sample preservation requirements for proteomic analysis".
- Dr Randi Gislefoss, Cancer Registry of Norway.
"Quality aspects of long-term stored serum samples".
12:30. Lunch

14:00. Special Lectures.
- Dr Arndt Schmitz, Bayer, Germany. “Biobanking as a prerequisite for biomarker research and development in a pharmaceutical industry setting”.
- Prof Eoin Gaffney, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. "The Irish Biobank Network".

15:00. Research Biobank of the Year Competition (RBYC)
16:00. Refreshments

16:30. Various options: choice between (A) Tour of LIFE Cohort Study Centre and Biobank, and(B) Various Working Group meetings.

20:00. Gala Dinner in the Oberkeller of Moritzbastei (a remaining part of the ancient town fortifications of Leipzig and today a famous cultural centre).

Friday 24th October

08:30. Session 6A. Biobank assessment tools to improve the standard of biobank services.
- Dr Georges Dagher, INSERM, France. Towards an International standard for biobanks: aims and achievements of the ISO technical committee.
- Dr Elena Bravo, ISS, Italy. "BRIF: Quantifying the use of bioresources"
- Dr Gunnel Tybring, Karolinska Inst., Sweden. "What creates a valuable Biobank? Experiences from the Research Biobank of the Year Competition".
- Dr Jeanne-Hélène di Donato, 3C-R, France. "Quality Management Systems: how do biobanks benefit?
- Dr Douglas McKechnie, AstraZeneca, UK. "Industry and Academia collaborate to publish the first UK Standard for Biobanks".
08:30. Session 6B. Short talks selected from submitted abstracts. Topics: Enviro-bio, Resource Development, Sustainability.
- Kakha Nadiradze
- Marcos Castellanos-Uribe
- Elena Abakushina
- Heidi Wagner
- Jose Antonio Carrillo
- Tiina Vesterinen
- Micheline Sanderson
- Yehudit Cohen
- Brent Schacter
- Reinhard Thasler
- Inés Aroca Siendones
- Kai Wiemer
10:30. Refreshments
11:00. Session 7A. Big data meets research biobanking.
- Prof Jan-Eric Litton, Karolinska Inst., Sweden. "Attacking the Biobank Bottleneck".
- Dr Astrid Genet, Furtwangen University, Germany. "Integration of biospecimen data with clinical data mining".
- Dr Nadine Umbach, University Medical Center Göttingen, Germany. "From Biobank to Bedside – Considerations for Managing OMICS-Data".
- Prof Christian Stephan, Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany. "Next Generation Biobanking - from Biorepositories to comprehensive research gates".
11:00. Session 7B. Biobanking in the Middle East and Africa
- Dr Maher Sughayer, King Hussein Cancer Centre, Jordan. "Regional perception for Medical Research and Biobanking".
- Dr Rania Labib, Children's Cancer Hospital, Egypt. "Establishing Pediatric Cancer Research Biobank with limited resources in a developing country".
- Ms Avhashoni Zwane, Agricultural Research Council, South Africa. "Conservation of South African livestock genetic diversity".
- Ms Kim Labuschagne, National Zoological Gardens of South Africa. "Banking South Africa’s Wildlife Biodiversity".
12:30. Lunch
14:00. Session 8A. Biobanking meets Personalized Medicine: a challenge for infrastructure and project funding.
- Dr Helen Moore, National Cancer Institute, USA. "A Report on Recent NCI Surveys on Biobanking Economics".
- Dr Kurt Krapfenbauer, EPMA Vice-President. "Biobanking meets Personalized Medicine: a challenge for infrastructure and project funding".
- Mr Markus Pasterk, Administrative Director, BBMRI-ERIC. "How Research Infrastructures can enhance funding".
- Dr Maimuna Mendy, IARC, France. " Promoting Biobanking in LMIC (low & medium income countries): The IARC's BC-Net initiative".
14:00. Session 8B. Short talks selected from submitted abstracts. Topic: Informatics. Presentations by:
- Amadou Gaye
- Marina Mordenti
- Chantal Steegers
- Peadar MacGabhann
- Sara Nussbeck
- Sabry Razick
- Timo Schüler
- Daniela Skrowny
- Araceli Diez-Fraile
15:30. Refreshments
16:30. Various options: choice between (A) Tour of LIFE Cohort Study Centre and Biobank, and (B) Leipzig City Tours, with a choice between cultural, historical and architectural themes
19:00 - 19:45. Organ Concert by cantor Jürgen Wolf at Nicolaikirche, Leipzig.
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