General Info.

CCLThe venue was the Congress Centre Leipzig which is part of the New Leipzig Trade Fair (German: Leipziger Messe), a major trade fair opened in 1996. The conference theme was "Biobanking: A Choral Symphony of Science, Technology and Human Rights" in keeping with Leipzig's rich musical tradition as the home of Bach, Mendelssohn and Schumann, and the birthplace of Wagner. To see the conference programme, please click here.

Local Hosts

Our local hosts for the ESBB conference were Professor Joachim Thiery who heads the Institute of Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics (ILM) of Leipzig Faculty of Medicine, and Professor Frank Emmrich who is Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology (IZI) in Leipzig.

Programme Committee Members

  • Hans-Peter Deigner (Chair)
  • Dominik Lermen (Vice-Chair)
  • Dominic Allen
  • Frank Emmrich
  • Alice Matimba
  • Balwir Maltharoo-Ball
  • Karen Meir
  • Meral Özguç
  • Erik Steinfelder
  • Joachim Thiery
  • Gunnel Tybring

Slide Presentations

Thank you to the following speakers who have kindly made their slides available in pdf format:

2A02 Alison Hubel
2A04 Peter Findeisen
2B01 Ayat Salman
2B02 Michiel Verlinden
2B08 Emma Snapes
3A02 Helle Margrete Meltzer
3A03 Ingvar A. Bergdahl
3B02 Zameel Cader
3B04 Christina Schröder
4A01 Emmanuelle Gormally
4A02 Jim Vaught
4A04 Alexander Bulla
4A05 Manuel Morente
4B02 Philipp Schatz
4B03 Claire Fontenille
4B05 Joakim Galli
4B11 Berthold Huppertz
4B12 Michael Neumann
5A01 Marc Stauch
5A04 Anne-Marie Tassé
6A02 Elena Bravo
6A03 Gunnel Tybring
6A04 Jeanne-Hélène di Donato
6A05 Douglas McKechnie
6B03 Elena Abakushina
6B06 Tiina Vesterinen
6B08 Yehudit Cohen
6B09 Brent Schacter
6B12 Kai Wiemer
7A01 Jan-Eric Litton
7A02 Astrid Genet
7B03 Avhashoni Zwane
7B04 Kim Labuschagne
8A02 Kurt Krapfenbauer
8A03 Markus Pasterk
8A04 Maimuna Mendy
8B01 Amadou Gaye
8B02 Marina Mordenti
8B04 Peadar MacGabhann
8B05 Sara Nussbeck
8B06 Sabry  Razick
8B07 Timo Schüler
8B08 Daniela Skrowny
8B09 Araceli Diez-Fraile

You can download their presentations by clicking on the links above.








RBYC Winner: Biobank Graz

RBYCThe winner of the Research Biobank of the Year (RBYC) competition was Biobank Graz. From left to right: Gunnel Tybring (Judge), Berthold Huppertz (Biobank Graz), Jim Gordon (Taylor Wharton), Rolf Morselt (Taylor Wharton), Hans-Peter Deigner (ESBB President), Karine Sargsyan (Biobank Graz), Barbara Parodi (Judge), Christina Schroeder (RBYC Organiser).

Runners-up: ETOP iBiobank and Biobank under administration of HTCR Foundation at University of Munich Medical Centre

ESBB platinum sponsor Taylor-Wharton Cryogenics LLC donated a LABS-20K freezer as the prize for the 2014 RBYC winner.

Video Competition Results


First prize in the Biobank Video Competition was awarded to Koos Cramer, Parelsnoer Institute (PSI), NL. Click here to watch the video

Second prize to Tiina Vesterinen, Helsinki Urological Biobank. Click here to watch the video

Third prize to Mhairi Anderson, Newcastle Biomedicine Biobank. Click here to watch the video

The video competition was sponsored by MVE Chart.

MVE Chart

Poster Prizes

(1) Biospecimen Research Category:
Serene Lee for poster BR-09 entitled  “An algorithm that predicts the viability and the yield of isolated human hepatocytes from surgical remnant tissues as a tool for tissue banking”

(2) ELSI Category is awarded to:
Laura Kuijpers for poster ELSI-03 entitled  “Blood from children for biobanking in resource limited settings: low volumes may be too high”

(3) Education & Standards Category:
Karine Sargsyan for poster ES-03 entitled  “Is expert education needed in biobanking?”

(4) Information Technology Category:
Helen Moore for poster IT-17 entitled  “Supporting Biobanking with a New Version of the NCI Biospecimen Research Database”

(5) Management Category:
Anna Carreras Nolla for poster MG-02 entitled  “GCAT|Genomes for Life. Cohort Study of the Genomes of Catalonia. GCAT Pilot Experience in Large Population Cohort recruitment using electronic-support media.”

(6) New Technologies Category:
Philipp Schatz for poster NT-12 entitled  “MxP® Quality Control Plasma: New Metabolic Assay for Pre-Analytical Quality Control of Human Plasma Sample”

(7) Organisational Profiles Category:
Ronny Baber for poster OP-25 entitled  “Preanalytics of the Leipzig LIFE – Cryobiobank"






  • Slide presentations in pdf format are now available (see left column of this page).

  • A LARGE collection of photos of the conference can now be viewed in the Gallery Section of this website.

  • Next year's conference will be in London. More details to follow soon.

Travel Fellows

Travel Fellows
Click photo to enlarge.
From left to right: Ann Cooreman (Tissue Solutions, sponsor), Khitam Hamzeh (KHCC, Jordan), Ahmed Samir (Cairo University, Egypt), Lwanga Newton (Makerere University, Uganda), Shoni Zwane (University of Pretoria, South Africa), Rita Lawlor (Chair, Africa Working Group).


Platinum Sponsor


Gold Sponsors

MVE Chart Askion

Silver Sponsors

Thermo ziath
Kairos fluidigm
illumina Linde
GenOhm cryoexpert













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