Abstract Forms

Abstracts for the Leipzig conference are now being accepted. To download an abstract submission form, please click below.


All abstract submissions will be acknowledged by a return email.


Presentation Format

Abstracts may be submitted for either poster presentation or oral presentation. Please note that it is generally not possible to grant all requests for oral presentation of abstracts, because of time constraints in the conference programme. Selection is based on peer review.

Abstracts received after the 2nd October 2014 can only be included as poster presentations.


Abstract Category Descriptions

  1. Biospecimen Research, including cryobiology, ambient temperature preservation, sample processing, quality control, and miscellaneous research.

  2. New Technology, including equipment for sample processing and storage, automation, and molecular technologies.

  3. Management, including quality assurance, economics, sustainability, biosafety, and public-private partnerships.

  4. Informatics, including databases and LIMS.

  5. Education & Standards including assessment and certification.

  6. Ethical, Legal & Social Issues (ELSI)

  7. Organisation Profiles, including reports on biobanks and biobank network.



Publication of the Top 10 Abstracts

The 10 most highly rated abstracts will be published in the journal Biopreservation and Biobanking (now indexed on Pubmed and Medline).

Bio journal


Abstract Submission

  • Abstracts submitted between 2nd October and 17th October can only be included as poster presentations.


Poster Presentation

Posters must be in portrait orientation and measure not more than 0.8m wide and 1.0m high.


Poster Prizes

Presenters who would like their poster to be considered for a prize must submit an image of their poster in a pdf file. To be considered by the judges, this must be emailed to by the 1st October

Poster prizes will be awarded in the Society Forum at 16:00 on Wednesday. Generally, a prize is awarded for each category of poster. Winning posters will be identified by an award ribbon displayed in the poster discussion session.


Poster Discussion Session

During the Poster Discussion Session on Wednesday (17:00-19:00), poster presenters will be asked to stand beside their posters for one 30 minute period so that they can explain to people visiting the posters.


Oral Presentations

A total of 40 abstracts will now be chosen for oral presentation. A second round of abstract review will take place in early October to select an additional 20 oral presentations from submitted abstracts.


Any Questions?

If you have any questions about abstracts or conference presentations, please contact Robert Hewitt on









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