Hans-Peter Deigner
Past-President of ESBB


Message from the Past-President of ESBB:

It is my pleasure to inform you that during the Council meeting yesterday (30th October, 2015), at the very successful ESBB conference in London, ESBB Council members decided to sign an MOU with BBMRI-ERIC, which has as the objective to plan four joint annual conferences from 2016 to 2019. The MOU was signed by Professor Jan-Eric Litton, Director-General of BBMRI-ERIC. This agreement is the result of active negotiations over the past few weeks that have resulted in this Council decision.

We, the Council and the president, are positive that this decision represents a landmark for both societies and is in the best interests of ESBB members and the biobanking community as a whole. It marks a very promising step towards many fruitful collaborations between our organsitions in the future. One effect will be to reduce the number of biobanking conferences in Europe, while providing better and more condensed information across this multidisciplinary field.

Council did consider the option of a similar agreement over the period 2017 – 2020, but decided on the earlier period of 2016 – 2019. This was a tough decision because the natural consequence is that we have to change the venue of our 2016 meeting from Nijmegen  to Vienna, for the sake of holding a joint event with BBMRI-ERIC.  Council members voted unanimously for this option and we are very happy that our incoming president, Erik Steinfelder, is in agreement with this decision. Our new President and the Council are feeling very positive about this decision and we are confident that it provides the best solution moving forwards.

We wish Erik Steinfelder all the very best for his presidential year.

Hans-Peter Deigner
Past-President of ESBB


Three Ericks Are
Better Than One!

Photo taken at the London Gala Dinner of Erik Steinfelder with
Jan-Eric Litton of BBMRI-ERIC



A big thank you to
Manuel Morente!


Manuel M. Morente MD PhD
ESBB President, 2013 - 2014

In September 2015, Manuel Morente completed 3 years of service on ESBB Council during which time he was ESBB President from 2013 - 2014. He played a key role in many negotiations, including those that concluded in signature of the memorandum of understanding with BBMRI-ERIC.

Background information: Manuel Morente is a specialist in Pathology who has worked for 15 years as both a surgical pathologist at the Hospital General Universitario de Guadalajara (Spain) and Associate Professor at the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares.  He was appointed as the Head of the Spanish National Cancer Centre (CNIO) Tumour Bank Unit (www.cnio.es) in 2001 and since 2009 he has been Coordinator of the Spanish National Biobank Network (www.redbiobancos.es) a nationwide network including more than 60 biobanks, called to be the Spanish Scientific component of BBMRI-ERIC.  He is member of the Spanish National Institute of Health Ethics Committee, Acting President of CNIO’s Committee for Research Integrity & Professional Conduct, and Director of the 1st University Master on Biobanking in Spain (UCV, Valencia). He is an active participant in a number of biobanking organisations and societies including BBMRI, ISBER, ESBB, Marble Arch Working Group, European Human Frozen Tumour Tissue Bank (TuBaFrosT), and the Tumour Bank Program of the Spanish Cancer Centres Network, and he actively promotes biobank networks throughout Europe and Latin America.





& a big thank you to
Christina Schroeder!


Christina Schroeder PhD
ESBB Councilor, 2012 - 2015

In September 2015, Christina Schroeder completed 3 years of service on ESBB Council. During this time she was Chair and Co-founder of the ESBBtranslate Working Group. She played a leading role in development of the Research Biobank of the Year Competition (RBYC) and the ESBB Biobank Directory tool.

Background information: Christina Schroeder was trained as a chemist and received her PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Mainz. After additional seminars in science communication and journalism, she volunteered for PR work with the German Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society (GBM2) in the 1990s, and was awarded their Communication Price in 2003. Serving as a managing officer to the former German Industrial Association for the Promotion of Human Genome Research since 2000, she was appointed coordinator of the Central Research Infrastructure for molecular Pathology (CRIP) in 2005. CRIP was established in a private-public partnership between the said Association, 7 pharmaceutical companies and the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), and was transferred to Fraunhofer IBMT in 2007. As a representative of Fraunhofer IBMT, she has been actively involved in BBMRI work packages for Disease-oriented biobanks (WP-3), ICT (WP-5) and Funding and financing (WP-7). Within ESBB, Christina leads the “ESBBtranslate” Pharma-Academia Working Group, together with Dr Elke Smits.



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