Message from the President, 22nd December 2015

Dear colleagues,

In just a few days the holidays will start and we can look back at an inspiring and exiting 2015. Going forward I would like to share some achievements of the last few weeks that will make an important contribution to our goals for next year where we will continue to build and expand ESBB.

In fulfilling our mission - To advance the field of biobanking in support of research related to healthcare, agriculture and the environment - we achieved a new milestone: members of the ESBB ESBBperanto and Enviro-bio working groups, the ISBER Biospecimen Science working group  and GGBN have worked closely together and received confirmation from the Biopreservation and Biobanking journal that their paper ‘Life in Data’ has been accepted for publication. Congratulations to all involved in this great milestone. ESBB has provided the sponsorship to make this an open access publication for the whole community.

Another way of facilitating connections between biobanks and research was further developed during a kick off meeting with representatives of several research institutes on behalf of the Human Proteome Organization and ESBB. There still is a communications barrier between academic departments and biobanks that prevents the use of collected material that could significantly contribute. Both organisations will work hard to improve this in the months to come.

We made solid progress with BBRMI-ERIC and are pleased to announce our first joint conference:  The Europe Biobank Week. A new platform for a strong debate and collaboration of activities related to biobanking. The conference will be held in Vienna from September 13-16, 2016 and will be organized in association with the International Biobank Summit, BBRMI-LPC and local support of BBRMI.at.  Via www.europebiobankweek.eu updates on program, sponsoring, events will be available. Definitely not the event to skip next year!

ESBB also recognizes the increasing need for education and training and sees this as a focus area for 2016. A proposal to start with an Education and Training Special Interest Group (E&T SIG) was accepted by the ESBB council this month and is ready to start. I would like to encourage all our members to join the E&T SIG or any other ESBB working group, to take part in its coordination or to participate in a specific discussion and bring new ideas and experience to the table. By growing the society, sharing knowledge and best practices we can shape the biobank future together.  

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Best wishes,

Erik Steinfelder


Next ESBB Conference:

"Europe Biobank Week"

Europe Biobank Week will be a joint conference with BBMRI-ERIC in Vienna, Austria, 13 - 16 September, 2016.

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