Google Map Directions
On the low power map shown at first, Granada is seen in the north-east quadrant (overlaid with multiple icons), with the Sierra Nevada National Park in the far east (snowflake icon). Malaga international airport is shown in the south-west, and the Antequera station for high speed trains from Madrid is shown in the far west.

If you zoom in on the north-east quadrant, you can see Granada airport to the west of Granada.

Zooming in further, you can see the Granada Conference Centre (Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones) in the south of Granada marked by a green arrow and star.

Nearby to the conference centre you can see Hotel Saray just to the east, Hotel Nazaríes Business & Spa to the west, and Hotel Carmen to the north.

Further to the north you can find a number of historic sites in Granada, including the Hospital Réal where we will have the opening cocktail reception and the Alhambra medieval citadel where we will have an evening guided tour.

View Granada Conference in a larger map


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