European and Middle Eastern Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking

Website Outline

The diagram opposite shows an outline of this new website.

  • There is a public website with 6 main sections and 20 pages.
  • Then there is a members-only website with 7 main sections and 15 pages. To access the members-only website, it is necessary to login.

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Calling Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics and Biotechnology Companies!

Pharma and Biotech companies can now join ESBB as a Corporate Members to participate in our biobanking community. This allows multiple members of your company to have the benefits of ESBB membership, including eligibility to join the dynamic ESBBtranslate working group which brings together ESBB members and pharma/ biotech industry representatives in order to identify, elaborate and launch common research projects.

The ESBBtranslate working group was originally co-chaired by ESBB President, Professor Dr Elke Smits and Dr Christina Schroeder.  It is now under the leadership of committee chair Dr Balwir (Bal) Matharoo-Ball.

ESBBtranslate has been the force behind the highly successful Research Biobank of the Year Competition (RBYC) and is now making steadfast progress in the development of the ESBB Biobank Directory in collaboration with Dr Christina Schroeder and Dr Oliver Gros of Fraunhofer IZI-BB.

Upcoming Conferences

Arab Health Congress, Dubai, UAE, 30 Jan – 02 February, 2017

2nd Annual Biobanking Summit, Berlin, Germany, 02 – 03 March, 2017

Global Biobank Week, Stockholm, Sweden, 3th – 15th September, 2017.


Please contribute your biobank-related conference details to

Europe Biobank Week in Vienna: the first of 4 joint annual conferences in Europe

The Europe Biobank Week conference in Vienna (13-16 September, 2016) was the first of 4 joint conferences, co-organised by ESBB and BBMRI-ERIC. The conference was a great success!

682 participants registered including 521 delegates and 161 exhibitors. 98% registered participants actually attended the conference.

Preliminary feedback on speaker presentations has been very positive with many people noting the high quality of the talks.

More conference feedback to follow soon.